Adventures and goals. 

No matter where this year goes. I will continue to do my best to improve the life for my kids. 

Aside from couponing and dehydrating.  And new experiences in cuisine that I can bring them too. 

I will and have been always focused on a goal. Debt free. With out major debt there can be a peace of mind. We may not have much. But we’ll get through.  

Libraries.  Town clubs. Town group events can help the boredom.  I’ve had a cable package very basic. And seem the changes on our energy and drive. I’ve decided to cut that off and get back to life experiences. 

Any ideas on good things to put on our list for this summer ? 



Winter storms. Life storms. They are all over. Everywhere. How we take the time to step back and figure out our next step or how we handle it is up to us. 

Moving =stress. 

Well. Moving is always stressful. It’s a tuff decision to make. Not only moving but going across country. 

Purge as much as one can. Because moving it and then tossing just doesn’t make scence. You pay to move all that stuff. 

Garage sales and donations being made. And cutting back on all the items you have and looking twice at them. Weighting it. Thinking. Setting aside. Giving away. Not all easy choices. 

As a minimal type person we surprisingly have quite a bit in our little 900 Sq ft space. Going smaller is always a dteam. But it is a good start. 

Easiest way I’ve come across moving is the uhaul pod/box. Door to door. U pack is door to facility. Which is yet an hr drive from where ‘point b’ is. So another cost of a truck. 

Wish us luck. I’ll be be back soon . This isn’t happening for few months yet. 

Life’s changes. 

Well. A lot has gone on. I apologize for being away. I’m now looking forward to moving by family . Going from Chicago to North Carolina.  It’s a big move and lots to do. 

Hope I get the money I need to get my moving going. It’s very tight going right now. 

Perhaps I’ll write about my process. But how great this will be. Better life for my kids. Safer and better schools. To be around family instead of on my own. 

Happiness abounds. 

If there is a chance you want to help. Here is the link. I’ll still be working toward this goal. It’s not much to some but it’s a lot for me. 

Bucket lists. 

As the pass on I’m finding myself say man its already Christmas  new years Val day st pats. And I think.. what have I done? Well. I’ve decided to make a bucket list. You may get updates on that too. ♡